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Life is a party that you have been invited to. 

Welcome to the existing, we are here for no real reason. 

For no reason other than to see colours with our eyes, to smell with our nose and to touch with our skin; to wonder, discover, and connect with the infinite possibility of all that can happen; to feel pain, to feel joy, to feel love.

We have not spent billions of years fighting for our lives for no reason. We have spent billions of years fighting, to have a better grasp on what it means to live. 

To answer the questions that have not yet been answered. We propagate ourselves to extend our timeline, so that we can send others in search for the answers; the answers that we think we need, to find reason for the pain that is life itself.  

But it does seem, that the harder we look, the more we realize how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Why slowly becomes why not?

So since we’re all here, let's begin to agree on a few things. Let’s begin to agree that we all have to eat. That it always hurts when we bleed. That my pain isn't more painful than yours. That my happiness isn't better than your happiness. 

That we are all the same potato soup on the inside, unless you are a tree, then you are an iguana.

Dennis Yang

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