Modular Crate Furniture

As human beings in today's fast paced and ever-evolving world, the order of our lives are always changing. We no longer just live in one single space our entire lives. We constantly move ourselves from apartment to apartment, depending on what we need at that specific time. Our habits in a space changes, requiring us to live differently from time to time. Which is why we need to rethink how we see our furniture.

Our furniture should be solving problems. Our furniture should be designed to be as useful as possible during its lifetime. It should not create a problem when it is being created, in use or disposed of. 

3D Rendering of Exploded View

Our furniture needs to be adaptable to any situation in our lives. Furniture pieces are just our way of placing different sized planes to support different objects. Our furniture should be able to accommodate the evolving nature of our lives, it should support our many different needs.

Our furniture should not be able to own us. Our furniture should never be a burden to our way of life; physically or mentally.  It should never prevent us from living our lives to its fullest potential. Our furniture should not change the way we feel about ourselves, only be able to change the way we feel about our space.

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