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Locat App Design Brief


The goal of Locat is to create an easily accessible public marketplace that focuses on the fair promotion of products and services.

The Target Market

Small businesses that are not keeping track of their inventory, either because stocking tools are too costly, difficult to use or that they do not find the need for it.

People who are spontaneous, and open to explore new places. They like to document and review their purchases and experiences on media platforms.

Single Message

Locat shows you whats available at your location

Locat lets people know what you have for sale.

Desired Behaviour:

To use locat as a way to reconnect with your neighbours and local businesses.

Tone of voice:

Friendly & Helpful

Mandatory Elements:

Item search - Enables you to find specific items, and know what is available before you arrive.

Location ranking - Enables you to view the items and services in your area, sorted by what is closest to your location.


Locat App

Video promotion

Door-to-Door signing up with small businesses


2 week assignments

6 months to launch

We The People should be running this place

I am currently working on a few ideas, mainly to do with localizing the internet. Connecting the internet with our physical world. because as I see it, the biggest issues with the internet currently is that it is disconnecting us from the world that we live in. the internet seems to be a separate space from the world. The goal is to use the power of the internet and reconnect it with the physical world. 

we see new breakthroughs in the use of the internet. Things that are coming out such as Uber which uses the collective effort of people to create a new type of crowdsourced economy. which i think is the way of the future. everything should be crowdsourced. there are too many mistakes that a top down leadership type of system could make. single humans are not smart enough to run such a complicated system.

We see Open source programming which churns out program after program by crowdsourcing people. Finding bugs and giving suggestions to the creator.

We see Kickstarter, that uses crowdsourcing to fund projects while simultaneously and directly assessing the demand for a product. this reduces the mass production of unwanted crap.

So how do we crowdsource the world? how do we crowdsource everything that we do? 

We already see a type of crowdsourcing happening in the government system; we pay taxes, they delegate the money to essential services. The problem is that it is a backward and inefficient system. people are not getting what they want, the government is not doing a good job of it. Im not criticizing the ability of the people who work for the government of doing their job. This is a problem with the way the system is run. 

It is now time for us to transition into a bottom-up design. where every voice can be heard. where essential services are crowdfunded by the people who use them. We can crowdfund the library, hospitals, parks, schools and everything else.

what we need now is an app. not one that makes any decisions, but allow for decisions to be made. a platform for people to share ideas about things in their community that could be done or is needed. these ideas can be discussed and worked on by people who are interested. We can have a governing system that we want and reflects our ideals. 

This is the way of the future, there should be an app for that. 

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