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Locat App Design Brief


The goal of Locat is to create an easily accessible public marketplace that focuses on the fair promotion of products and services.

The Target Market

Small businesses that are not keeping track of their inventory, either because stocking tools are too costly, difficult to use or that they do not find the need for it.

People who are spontaneous, and open to explore new places. They like to document and review their purchases and experiences on media platforms.

Single Message

Locat shows you whats available at your location

Locat lets people know what you have for sale.

Desired Behaviour:

To use locat as a way to reconnect with your neighbours and local businesses.

Tone of voice:

Friendly & Helpful

Mandatory Elements:

Item search - Enables you to find specific items, and know what is available before you arrive.

Location ranking - Enables you to view the items and services in your area, sorted by what is closest to your location.


Locat App

Video promotion

Door-to-Door signing up with small businesses


2 week assignments

6 months to launch

Using Format