Closing up the black holes to the third world

In this world, we humans have evolved to work together and depend on each other. We were never meant to work collectively and mindlessly for someone else. We are beings of cognition, our strength is in the mind. Plans are laid by the collective, and execution is done together. The people have always lead the survival and evolution of our species.

The problem is that we have gone off the path. We are disillusioned by the thing that gets in the way of our happiness. We put our trust in money more than we put trust in people. Instead of working together we have started to work against each other. Taking as much as we can from other people, we give respect to people that have more money and less to the people who actually care about us. We have placed a value on our self worth, our relationship with the world and our very own existence.

This has only made things more complicated and difficult for each other. Value does need to be placed on work / physical goods, it allows us to understand what is valuable and needed at the moment. But what we have essentially done, is place massive black holes in developing countries, and introduced them to play a game that they that they can never win.

It’s not fair.

The world isn’t fair.

Well it should be.

Because why would be want to live in so called “dog eat dog world”? We have fought so hard to move on from the survival of the fittest. We should be way past that point. We live in a perpetual state of hunger, never having enough to satisfy ourselves. We seem to have lost our connection with people. We have replaced them with our connection with companies. 

Companies that are big and rich that put on a fake happy face, and say that they care about us and they care about our people, we trusted them. This new friend has given us so much for so little for so long that we have lost our connection to other people around us. But when we do find out that they have betrayed our trust we go right back to shopping. Believing that we have no other choice.

By connecting back with the people that matter most in our lives, the people nearest to us. We can close up these black holes. Our network has gotten too tangled and complicated and it’s time to rework the network that connects us together with each other. 

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